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Object persistence in 3D for home robotics Alimi, Parnian


This document presents an interactive pipeline for collecting, labelling and re-recognizing movable objects in home-like environments. Inspired by the fact that a human child learns about a movable object by observing it moving from time to time, and memorizes its name once a name is associated with it, we have designed an object persistence system which performs similar tasks based on change detection. We utilize 3D registration and change detection systems in order to distinguish foreground from the background. Focusing on the dynamic objects (from different vantage points) and interactively asking the user for labels, endows our system with a database of labeled object segments, which further is used for multi-view instance recognition. We have expanded the temporal interval logic to 3D bounding boxes in order to aggregate regions that contain foreground dynamic objects, and simultaneously update our model of the background. The object segments are extracted by removing the background. Finally the objects are matched to the existing database of objects and if no match is present the user will be prompted to provide a label. To demonstrate the capabilities of our system, an inexpensive RGB-D sensor (Kinect) is used to collect 3D point clouds. Results show that for tabletop scenes, our approach is able to effectively separate object regions from background, and that objects can be successfully modelled and recognized during system operation.

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