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SNbR : Social Networks-based Forwarding in Delay Tolerant Networks Nguyen, Nguyet Minh


Recently, Web 2.0 has become very popular with the appearance of many social networks web sites such as Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, etc., which allow users to create and share contents. Besides Web 2.0, mobile networks have also become more popular than ever with the increasing popularity and diversity of mobile devices. Users of mobile devices also have the desire to connect and share their own contents everywhere and at any time. Supporting communications in mobile networks becomes an interesting research area which has attracted much attention of the research community in recent years. In the direction of investigating the application of social networks in supporting the communications in delay tolerant networks which are formed among mobile devices, in this thesis we propose a novel message forwarding method, called Social Networks-based Forwarding (SNbR), in DTNs which utilizes social networks among mobile users and the context of node relationships to facilitate the communications between mobile devices. Simulations in the scenario of a city with the working day movement model have shown that our proposed method achieves a better performance in terms of delivery ratio against delivery cost compared to many previous methods.

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