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The animation canvas : a sketch-based visual language for motion editing Welsman-Dinelle, Michael


We propose the Animation Canvas, a system for working with character animation. The canvas is an interactive two-dimensional environment similar to a sketch editor. Abstract interaction modes and controls are provided to support editing tasks. Consistent motion-as-curve and pose-as-point metaphors unify different features of the system. The metaphors and interactive elements of the system define a visual language allowing users to explore, manipulate, and create motions. The canvas also serves as a framework for presenting interactive motion editing techniques. We have developed two techniques in order to explore possibilities for motion editing while demonstrating the flexibility of the system. The first technique is a method for interacting with motion graphs in order to explore motion connectivity and construct new blended motions from shorter clips. The second is a real-time spatial interpolation system that enables users to construct new motions or control an animated character.

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