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Attribute based encryption made practical Zhang, Long


Ciphertext-Policy Attribute Based Encryption (CP-ABE) is a promising method for end-to-end, fine grained access control. However, based on our knowledge, there is no massive deployment of CP-ABE based systems. Expensive and insecure key revocation should be one of the major reasons. In this thesis, we hypothesize that key revocation can be performed client side by combining existing trust computing technologies and validate this hypothesis with a prototype file system called ABFS. ABFS uses CP-ABE to do client side access control, at the same time, provide strong assurance on key revocation. Enterprises equipped with ABFS can reliably relocate their data from centralized storage to unused space on untrusted client machines and thus decentralize most aspects of their storage, mitigate data backup cost, improve storage durability and remove the threat of single point of failure. ABFS combines existing TPM and attribute-based encryption technologies to perform access control checks on otherwise untrusted clients and ensure confidentiality of data.

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