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Fibre based modeling of wood dynamics and fracture Sutherland, Sean Meiji


We present a model for the simulation of the dynamics and fracturing characteristics of wood, specifically its anisotropic behaviour. Existing work focuses on FEM or other uniform lattice representations, with anisotropy being modeled by data driven parameters. Our model instead utilizes an underlying structure that is inherently anisotropic. We utilize an existing description of thin discrete elastic rods to build a fibrous material, ultimately yielding the characteristic splintering behaviour of wood. Our model extends upon the existing work by defining coupling forces between these discrete rods, allowing the construction of cohesive bundles of fibres. Additionally, we describe the conditions under which fracture occurs in the material. The rod and coupling components in the model are handled separately, as in the dynamics, resulting in inherently anisotropic responses. We conclude with a brief validation, followed by a discussion of possible future work.

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