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Plausible cloth wrinkling for captured mesh sequences Chen, Xi


Cloth modeling has become an important research topic in computer graphics, as garments are ubiquitous in virtual environments used in movies or games. While recent studies can successfully capture the general shape of cloth as well as a continuous cloth motion, they usually lose high frequency details such as wrinkles or folds. This work provides a method of recovering high frequency details for captured cloth animation sequences without any aids of additional information. The method analyzes the stretch/shrinkage tensor fields in 4D space-time domain for the original cloth animation sequences. Based on the assumption of cloth developability, the stretch/shrinkage information is utilized to recover fold shapes and directions. Finally, a space-time consistent deformation method is applied to recover the high frequency folds. The work is generally applicable to most of the cloth capture methods applied either on scanned point clouds or video sequences.

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