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VM Supported AspectJ Golbeck, Ryan M.


Traditional AspectJ implementations use a VM-external implementation approach based on JBC instrumentation. These approaches pose an inherent penalty in both steady state performance as well as startup or recompilation performance. We present a map of the design space for AspectJ implementations with potential advantages and disadvantages to evaluate the coverage of the space by related work to identify unexplored possibilities. We propose an architecture for AspectJ implementations which supports both VM-internal and VM-external implementations. VM-internal implementations of our architecture fit naturally into existing JVMs, are straight forward to implement and support all known AspectJ optimizations as well as maintaining efficient startup performance. However, because our architecture also supports VM-external implementations, it is both backward and forward compatible. Additionally, we present a suite of benchmarks designed to evaluate AspectJ implementations. This suite contains macro and micro benchmarks designed to measure the steady state, startup, and overall performance of an implementation. To demonstrate the viability of our architecture, we present one primary implementation, ajvm, in the Jikes Research Virtual Machine (RVM), and several secondary partial implementations in the Jikes RVM and a second JVM, J9. We use our proposed benchmark suite to produce an analysis that confirms our claims that VM-integrated AspectJ implementations can support known and proposed steady state and startup optimizations. Furthermore, they overcome inherent performance penalties associated with VM-external implementations.

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