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An efficient interest management system for networked virtual environment Zhang, Yunjing


Over the past decades we have witnessed an enormous development in multiplayer games. They have evolved from the initial state with two players on the same computer to the current state with tens of thousands simultaneous players in a virtual world via the Internet. In dealing with the large scale of massive multiplayer on-line games (MMOGs), various peer-to-peer (P2P) solutions have been proposed. Although they have improved the scalability of MMOGs in various degrees, they encounter new serious challenges in interest management. No existing works have provided a satisfying solution though they all have some attractions. In this thesis, we propose a fully distributed P2P infrastructure to achieve interest management for MMOGs. Our system divides the virtual game world into cells. Players in each cell are connected to the cell’s master-node that is selected from the players in the cell. Master-nodes are also connected with master-nodes of adjacent cells, forming a backbone network. Players provide information about their position and area of interest (AOI) to their master-node. The master-node informs the players in the cell about which other players are in their AOI so that the players can obtain game updates directly from players in their AOI. A routing scheme is applied on top of the backbone network so that master-nodes can efficiently exchange information about nodes in each cell. To help players to locate master-node of each cell, a distributed hash table (DHT) is used for bookkeeping. As illustrated by our experiments, our proposed system is not only scalable and effective; it also provides the benefits of high responsiveness and reliability without compromising any game features.

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