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Garment modeling from fashion drawings and sketches Robson, Cody John


Modeling of three-dimensional garments is essential for creating realistic virtual environments and is very helpful for real-life garment design. While fashion drawings are commonly used to convey garment shape, so far little work had been done on using them as inputs to the 3D modeling process. We present a new approach for modeling of garments from fashion drawings. This approach combines an analysis of the drawing aimed to extract major garment features with a novel modeling method that uses the results of this analysis to create realistic looking garments that provide a believable interpretation of the drawing. Our method can be used in a variety of setups, where users can sketch the garment on top of an existing three-dimensional mannequin, draw it free-hand, or even scan pre-existing fashion drawings. We demonstrate the robustness of our method on a variety of inputs and provide a comparison between the results it produces and those created by previous methods.

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