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A framework for the lightweight augmentation of webcast archives Chan, Clarence


We propose a framework for augmenting archives of webcast lectures at alow benefit/cost ratio that finesses the issue of costly video post-production, while still significantly enhancing the quality of the webcast. We argue that lightweight augmentations such as alternate slide tracks, video re-orderings via timeline pointers, and simple groupings of related video and slide con tent, will allow webcast producers to not only deliver an adequately polished version of the original webcast, but also to re-use and re-purpose archived webcasts for different audiences and different perspectives on the same con tent. A prototype application for viewing these kinds of augmented webcast archives was developed, and a user study was conducted to determine the benefits of augmenting an archived webcast lecture in such a way. Our results suggest that augmentations make the webcast itself easier to navigate, and improve comprehension of material enough that selective viewing and navigation of the augmented lecture is comparable to simply watching the lecture in its entirety without augmentations.

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