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Project delivery and contract strategy for district energy projects - a lifecycle approach Mogerman, Aaron Egon


New district energy projects provide Canadians with an opportunity to decentralize their energy supply, create efficiency in the production and distribution of energy and enable the use of renewable fuels. With the support of Provincial and Federal initiatives, public institutions and municipalities across Canada are beginning to consider these systems as viable solutions to their energy needs. However, relatively few of these projects have been built in Canada and a clear methodology for delivery of these projects has yet to emerge. The selection of an appropriate project delivery strategy is essential to ensuring the owner’s key objectives can be met over the entire lifecycle of the district energy facility. Through a comprehensive literature review, case study interviews and questionnaires, this research has identified and validated the key project delivery and contract strategy (PDCS) selection factors (objectives) for owners of new Canadian district energy projects. These selection factors have been aligned with a comprehensive list of PDCS alternatives, using relative effectiveness values. The scoring of these effectiveness values has been validated through a series of workshops with senior industry representatives across a range of key disciplines. The final data were used to produce a simple PDCS decision support tool for project managers who are considering building a district energy facility in Canada.

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