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Binners' Project : Annual Report 2021-2022 Binners' Project


At its core, Binners’ Project is a group of waste-pickers working together to improve their economic opportunities and destigmatize their work. Binners, also known as dump-ster-divers, use refundable containers and other items of value to supplement their income. To improve binners’ economic opportunities, we have created social enterprise programs that work to divert landfill waste at commercial and residential properties, as well as events. These opportunities provide a more stable way for binners to earn a reliable income, as well as increase binners’ ability to divert waste from landfills. In our effort to destigmatize binners’ work, we run a number of advocacy and infrastructure programs that provide visibility to binners and amplify their voices at the policy level. Infrastructure programs like the Universal Cart Initiative and the Binners Hook provide valuable tools for binners to use, making their work more efficient and safe while also recognizing the essential service they provide to our communities. Additionally, advocacy work and community consultations allow binners to engage in policy discussions, lifting up the voices of those who are often invisible.

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