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Supporting Sustainability Education and Leadership : Strategies for Students, Faculty, and the Planet Cassidy, Alice; Sipos Randor, Yona; Nyrose, Sarah


The authors describe a workshop, called the Sustainability Education Intensive (SEI), and related programs at a major research university in Canada that served to support educators to introduce or enhance aspects of sustainability into their courses, programs, and initiatives. They present their pilot work in the context of sustainability education and leadership, both in terms of degree programs and programs for educators worldwide. The authors present the key components, steps, and associated timelines of their planning and delivery. They give examples of participant feedback and how the workshop has “stayed alive,” thus representing the sustainability of this form of educational development. They provide templates that can be used or adapted at any post-secondary institution. The authors conclude with a checklist to help practitioners get started in supporting educators and leaders in the important area of sustainability education.

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