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Research Data Management Training Landscape in Canada : A White Paper Fry, Jane; Doiron, James; Létourneau, Danny; Perrier, Laure; Perry, Carol; Watkins, Wendy


This White Paper provides a high-level perspective on RDM training for Portage. RDM developments in Canada have lagged behind some of the countries typically considered to be our peers, such as the United Kingdom and the United States. This was evident in our environmental scan of the different training activities being developed and offered. Some excellent international training modules are available to Canadian stakeholders but without Canadian-specific content. The Portage website provides an opportunity to prepare and disseminate materials rich in Canadian RDM content. RDM expertise already exists in Canada. However, this expertise remains largely siloed in specific disciplines and jurisdictions. Training resources need to be organized collaboratively across these divisions to capitalize on the knowledge and resources of these stakeholder communities. While our overview of RDM training is not exhaustive, it does provide a robust representation of the current landscape. It is also imperative that in building a foundation for RDM expertise, a national research data culture is also cultivated that represents the underlying principles and values of such expertise in Canada.

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