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UBC Mooc pilot : design and delivery overview Engle, Will


UBC successfully delivered five massive open online courses (MOOCs) in the spring and summer of 2013. Individual MOOCs incorporated different pedagogical design strategies to achieve their desired learning outcomes and course objectives. The pilot MOOCs lasted from five to eleven weeks and provided tens of thousands of learners worldwide, including over 8,100 students who earned certificates for completing the courses, with an opportunity to engage with UBC instructors and learning materials. Development of these courses involved the creation of large amounts of new learning material, including more than 60 hours of video-based lectures, 98 text-based module pages, 1,040 quiz questions, the use of tools outside of the Coursera platform, and multiple innovative learning activities. Learning materials from the MOOCs have been, or will soon be, used by hundreds of UBC students in credit-bearing courses. Additionally, instructors made efforts to facilitate the reuse of their learning materials through the use of Creative Commons licenses and the transferring of content to additional platforms beyond the Coursera platform, such as external YouTube channels. The MOOC pilot supported UBC’s learner-centred focus in the classroom by providing a rich set of resources and strategies to support flexible learning options for students who are registered in UBC courses. These strategies include the processes and best practices for the development of media-rich learning materials, agile approaches to course delivery, and instructional design strategies to better scaffold self-based, peer-based, and open learning efforts.

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