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Inventory update 98 : a regional analysis of health personnel in the province of British Columbia University of British Columbia. Health Human Resources Unit


The Cooperative Health Human Resources Database (CHHRD), developed and maintained by the Health Human Resources Unit (HHRU) since 1973, provides the basis for a number of our regular and special reports. The INVENTORY series presents a regional analysis of health personnel in the province of British Columbia. The series has two components - INVENTORY and INVENTORY UPDATE - which are produced in alternate years. INVENTORY UPDATE, published for even-numbered years, contains information derived from ROLLCALL UPDATE 98 about selected health professions for which annual electronic data are available through the CHHRD. These data are owned by the regulatory bodies and professional associations of each group. The tables included in this report have been generated in response to a need for regional information about health human resources planning in British Columbia. They have been published in this format to increase the usability of ROLLCALL UPDATE information, but are not meant to replace that volume, which offers more detailed information about the these sixteen health occupations or groups.

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