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Inpatient hospital services per 1,000 population and average length of stay, 1976 and 1978, for selected service categories by school district of residence and anticipated numbers for 1981 University of British Columbia. Division of Health Services Research and Development


This report is a continuation of HSRD Report F:3 which was issued in September, 1979. In this Supplement (F:4), rates of hospitalized cases per 1,000 population and average length of stay for selected service categories are shown for the years 1976 and 1978 by school district of residence. Paediatric (ages 0 - 14) and adult cases are shown separately for each school district within GVRD and for the rest of the province as a whole. Using the projected cases and days’ stay for 1981 as reported in HSRD F:3, rates per 1,000 population and the related anticipated average lengths of stay for 1981 are shown.

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