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The nurse manpower study, volume 1 : report of the Nurse Manpower Study Advisory Committee University of British Columbia. Health Manpower Research Unit


The Nurse Manpower Study Advisory Committee originated with the Ministry of Health, more specifically at the request of the then Deputy Minister, Mr. Stan Dubas. The role of the advisory committee was explained to the various participant groups as encompassing the following: 1. To recommend the inclusion of additional members to the advisory committee, on a permanent or ad hoc basis. 2. To participate in the clarification of the issues and questions basic to nurse manpower, including soliciting the views of interested groups or individuals regarding key issues. 3. To assist in identifying appropriate data sources, especially those available through informal sources; and to confirm that a comprehensive set of existing data has been identified. 4. To assist in the assessment of the quality and relevance of the existing data. 5. To critique drafts of the report and assist in reviewing recommendations. It was anticipated that the study would take between six and nine months to complete (as of March 1987).

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