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R.N. vacancy / turnover study, October 1981 - April 1982 University of British Columbia. Health Manpower Research Unit


Following discussions with the Nurse Administrators' Association and other interested persons in 1981, it was agreed that two dimensions be added to the Difficult-to-Fill survey: firstly, a snapshot of R.N. vacancies at a single point in time, expressed as a ratio of total positions; secondly, a measure of turnover, the number of positions filled during a period of time, expressed as a ratio of the average number of available positions in that same period. Data collection commenced in April of 1981 on a trial basis with a mailing to a study population of 88 acute care hospitals in British Columbia. In October, a sub-sample was selected of 52 actively participating hospitals which were judged to be representative both geographically and by size of hospital, of the total group. Data has been collected in three-month periods and is now available for October 1981 to January 1982 and for January to April 1982. The initial results are described herein.

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