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Licensed practical nurses in British Columbia 1975-1982 : a descriptive report Jansen, Sharon; Chan, Susan


In 1975 the Health Manpower Research Unit of the University of British Columbia computerized a file of all practical nurses licensed with the B.C. Council of Practical Nurses. Since that time this file has been maintained and updated on a regular basis. Currently, notification of new licensees or of change in location is received from the Council on a monthly basis. Employment information is collected yearly by means of a renewal fee form distributed to all nurses licensed with the Council. The present study examines statistics from three points in time: September 1975, September 1979, and September 1982. Demographic, educational and employment information is examined. On most of the tables, those persons in the "no answer" category have been removed from the denominator when calculating the percentages. This procedure has the effect of distributing the missing individuals proportionately among the remainder, enabling one to meaningfully quote the percentage of individuals with a given characteristic. There is no reason to suppose that the missing individuals are not distributed in the same proportion as those who provided answers.

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