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Inventory - 74 : a regional analysis of health personnel in the province of British Columbia University of British Columbia. Health Human Resources Unit


INVENTORY-74 is a listing of health resources, both institutional and human, for each regional hospital district in the Province of British Columbia. Numbers, rates per population and ranks are provided for each category of resource; thus it is possible to study a given regional hospital district in detail and examine discrepancies in the mix of resources which it provides. INVENTORY-74 is derived from the publication, ROLLCALL-74 prepared by the staff of the Health Manpower Research Unit in the Division of Health Services Research and Development, U.B.C., and of the Epidemiological and Statistical Consulting Unit of British Columbia Medical Centre. That report is organized according to category of resource: INVENTORY is a rearrangement, organized according to regional district. Definitions are therefore identical to those used in ROLLCALL and are listed in Appendix B.

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