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Report, 1993-2000 Updated to March 2002 University of British Columbia. Fisheries Centre


This brief report summarizes the achievements and output of the Fisheries Centre from the end of the period covered by the 1993-2000 report until March 2002. It is primarily intended as a submission to the Fisheries Centre Review Panel, which will meet in May 2002, but will also serve as the nucleus of a formally published report to be issued in 2004. Each of the themes and topics covered in the 1993-2000 report is briefly updated herein. Where not mentioned, an update was not available. In addition, several of the 11 factual annexes are updated. Taken together, the original 1993-2000 report with this update, provide a comprehensive record of the Fisheries Centre’s development, output and activities, but this document is not intended to be read in isolation from the full 1993-2000 report.

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