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International Education Online? A Report on Six Canadian Case Studies Macfadyen, Leah P.


While the benefits of international education are beyond question, established international education (IE) activities remain beyond the reach of most Canadian students. Can information and communication technologies (ICTs) expand access to international education in a meaningful way? This report describes highlights of case studies of six diverse and innovative Canadian adventures with online IE: At the University of British Columbia, the online course ‘Working in International Health’ contributes to internationalization of the curriculum and prepares students for work in the developing world. Mount Royal College in Calgary leads an international ‘Consortium on Design Education’ online design challenge to introduce students to international and intercultural elements of design. At Ryerson University, integration of a “Virtual Law Firms” experiential online activity gives students first-hand experience of the world of international business law. The new ‘University of the Arctic’ makes use of ICTs to connect students from over 40 institutions in eight Arctic states. ‘Introduction to Ethnomusicology’ at the Université de Montréal demonstrates Québec’s leadership of international ICT initiatives in the Francophone world, and challenges Canadian and African students to rethink their cultural perspectives on music. And the ‘e-Learning for Business Innovation and Growth’ project in Newfoundland and Labrador extends international learning to lifelong learners.

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