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K-12 Teachers and Learners in an Electronic World: A Review of the Literature. Part I: Context, Learning Outcomes and Pedagogical Implications Janes, Diane; Macfadyen, Leah P.; Hawkes, Beth


Current literature relating to information and communication technologies (ICT) in K-12 teaching and learning offers positive and cautionary perspectives. Overall, there exists great optimism about the benefits of ICT-mediated learning for students. Below, we review literature on ICTs in K-12 education, with emphasis on technology-supported constructivist learning, the challenges and pedagogical implications of educational technologies, changing roles for teachers, and technology in the classroom. In Part II, we will review literature on K-12 learner issues that can affect successful learning using ICTs. We will report on learner satisfaction with online learning, current thinking on skills of successful online students, and existing theoretical discussions of technology and learning styles. We will review student diversity and ICT-mediated learning, student differences, which challenge online learning, and the opportunities offered by ICTs for particular subgroups of learners. Overall, we offer a snapshot of current literature on effectiveness of ICT-mediated learning from the perspective of the K-12 learner.

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