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The scientific case for building the KAON Factory was described in the initial proposal in 1985 and was strongly endorsed by the NRC/NSERC Technical Panel and Review Committee and many other subsequent bodies. When the KAON Factory Project Definition Study was funded, it was decided that an important part of this study should be to organize a series of workshops to discuss the science and update this crucial aspect of the proposal. These workshops had three aims. First, to review and update the scientific case for the the KAON Factory to take into account developments in nuclear and particle physics which had occurred since the writing of the original proposal. Second, to delineate the experimental facilities and buildings which would be needed to take full advantage of this powerful new tool for exploring the nature of matter. Third, to engage the international scientific community in helping us to specify what are the most important questions to ask in terms of what experiments should have the highest priority and what would be needed to carry them out.

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