TRIUMF: Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics

Canadian industrial capability : final report TRIUMF


Only a select few developed nations pursue subatomic physics research through the use of accelerator facilities. Canada is one of these, and has gained considerable stature and prestige amongst the international community in this field over the past one and one-half decades. The TRIUMF facility in British Columbia is recognized as one of the world's leading accelerator programs serving the needs of Canadian and international researchers. The KAON factory is a proposed expansion of TRIUMF. The purpose of the expansion is to increase the energies of the subatomic interactions under study by a factor of about 60, in order to provide new insights into the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Construction of the KAON factory is estimated to cost about $694 million. Although a final decision has not yet been made to proceed, Canada and British Columbia signed an agreement in 1988 to advance the planning process to the next step - an engineering design and impact study. The mandate for the study includes engineering design, Canadian industrial capability. and analyses of economic and environmental impacts.

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