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Industrial opportunities of a Canadian KAON Factory TRIUMF


• Significant economic spin-off benefits will occur in Canada from the construction and operation of a world-class KAON Factory including: • New products and markets for construction and operations suppliers • Establishment of new ventures • Attraction of new companies to Canada • Industrial diversification • Direct sales from the KAON Factory itself • Commercialization of KAON research • Scientific tourism and conferences • Increased university enrollment in the sciences • Research evidence from other world scale scientific research facilities such as CERN, ESA and NASA confirms that such opportunities and benefits take one or two decades to completely unfold. • Very preliminary estimates show that in the order of $485 million of economic spin-off benefits will occur over a period of 15 years from expenditures on medium to high technology products and services for a KAON Factory. • It also appears that the magnitude of KAON related opportunities can be increased and the timing of their occurrence can be accelerated with an overall impact in the range of $48 million through the application of appropriate strategies, plans and programs. • A clear message from study research is that the mandate of a KAON Factory must include the maximization of local, regional and national economic opportunities resulting from the construction and operation of the facility. It is projected that over the ten years commencing with its construction, the KAON Factory will consume over $900 million of goods and services. It has been demonstrated by other international research programs/facilities that the creation of this market for sophisticated products and services possibly supported by other government expenditures and programs (e.g. defense spending, health care research, funding of other scientific research, etc.), is a very effective strategy for fostering industrial growth, innovation, and international competitiveness. • In fact two results may be achieved with each dollar of expenditure: new scientific research and innovation is funded, and a new industrial sector is created and fostered through its critical phase. • With respect to supplier risk, it has been shown that companies supplying scientific research facilities with "never before seen" products and services generally receive strong support from scientist-clients to work out problems and deliver the required results. • Accordingly, companies (particularly those that in their formative stages) are able to share product development and/or reduce their rate failure through this assistance process. are small or just the risk of new of technological • In addition, the multi disciplinary scientific infrastructure of a research facility such as a KAON Factory has proven to be a strong catalyst for technological innovation and commercial product development. • In summary, on the basis of our limited research, a KAON Factory appears to offer good potential to achieve desirable economic objectives for Canada.

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