TRIUMF: Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics

Proposal : Engineering and construction management services for the Tri- University Meson Facility International Power and Engineering Consultants Ltd.; Canadian Bechtel Ltd.


This document presents a Joint Venture proposal for the development, engineering, construction, and testing of the Tri- University Meson Facility (TRIUMF) to be located at the University of British Columbia, by International Power and Engineering Consultants Limited (IPEC) and Canadian Bechtel Limited (CBL). The proposal, which is intended to be fully responsive to the needs of the University of British Columbia and its associates, includes a Statement of Work to be performed, Technical and Management Plans, and a Summary of IPEC-CBL background and experience. IPEC-CBL is aware of the significant development work already performed by those associated with the TRIUMF project. The purpose of this proposal is to present a plan to translate the scientific concepts so developed into an operational facility. IPEC-CBL will furnish engineering, procurement, and construction management services required for completion of the TRIUMF project. The principal engineering offices will be located in Vancouver, B. C. The suggested plan is based upon experience growing out of the design and construction of many other complex, highly technical, extensive facilities and will provide a highly effective method of completing the TRIUMF project within the requirements of the TRIUMF Board.

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