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Conceptual design of the TRIUMF thermal neutron facility Thorson, I. M.; Arrott, A. S.


The report describes the conceptual design of the proposed thermal neutron facility (TNF) based on the neutron source produced by dumping the residual beam from the main TRIUMF proton beam line into a high atomic weight target. The maximum useful thermal neutron flux in a water-reflected, 120 cm diam heavywater- graphite moderator assembly surrounding a 15 cm diam Pb-Bi target is ~0.9 x 10¹³ cmー² secー¹ at 50 kW residual beam power; this figure is higher by a factor of ~2.5 for a natural uranium target. The neutron irradiation and beam tube facilities are described as well as facilities for carrying out proton beam irradiations. Heat dissipation and residual activity problems are discussed and a preliminary cost estimate is given. The total estimated cost, without any contingency allowance, is $434,000, of which 60% is for shielding.

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