TRIUMF: Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics

Conceptual design study of RF resonators for a 500 MeV H⁻ cyclotron Dilworth, Secord, Meagher and Associates Limited; William M. Brobeck & Associates; Grundman, W. A.; Tillson, L. J. P.; Bradley, W. J. F.; Fredriksson, O. K.; Thomas, R. E.


The TRIUMF cyclotron uses quarter wave resonators instead of conventional dees as accelerating electrodes. Proper functioning of the accelerator requires the maintenance of a certain voltage equality along the accelerating gap, which in turn requires that the resonators be structurally rigid and exhibit high mechanical stability. Space limitations within the vacuum tank, as well as preference for a design not incorporating stand-off insulator supports, led to a compromise solution where RF power losses and resonator rigidity are nevertheless acceptable. Five basic shapes for the arms of the resonators were evaluated from the viewpoint of structural rigidity, RF losses and fabrication simplicity. Several model tests carried out by TRIUMF in order to verify the merits of certain design parameters are also described. The report concludes that the use of roll-bond panels (aluminum/ silver), reinforced with I-shaped aluminum stiffeners, will result in an acceptable resonator design.

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