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Proceedings of the DASS/SASP (Dual Arm Spectrometer System/ Second Arm Spectrometer) Workshop, Vancouver, March 17-18, 1986 Walden, P. L.; Iqbal, M. J.


The DASS/SASP Workshop was held from March 17-18, 1986 at TRIUMF in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The workshop was organized primarily by P.L. Walden (TRIUMF) with support from other members of the DASS/ SASP task force namely E.G. Auld (University of British Columbia) and C.A. Miller and S. Yen (TRIUMF). Funding for the workshop came from TRIUMF, TUEC, and NSERC (Canada). Approximately 67 physicists and engineers attended this two day event which consisted of fourteen talks. The twelve main talks are presented in this volume. The objective of the workshop was to discuss the physics that could be done with a dual arm spectrometer system (DASS), which is a proposed nuclear physics facility for TRIUMF.

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