TRIUMF: Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics

Magnet core construction concept for a 500 MeV H⁻ cyclotron Kiesners, U.; Logie, A. V.; Stringer, J.; Roy Chowdhury, A. (Asesh); Dilworth, Secord, Meagher and Associates Limited


This report describes the construction of the 4000-ton sector magnet cores for the TRIUMF cyclotron. The various considerations leading to the optimum design concept are discussed in detail. These include a study of the magnetic properties of commercial steels; the relative advantages of plates, forgings and castings; assembly methods such as bolting and welding; and an assessment of tolerances obtainable by flame cutting and machining. Economy considerations and delivery time have received major attention throughout the study. An important objective was to adapt the design, to the largest possible extent, to the capabilities of Canadian steel manufacturers and fabricators. The report includes a construction schedule and concludes with a cost estimate ($2,834,000).

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