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Initial model magnet study for a six-sector 500 MeV H‾ cyclotron Auld, Edward George; Burgerjon, J. J.; Craddock, M. K. (Michael Kevin)


This report describes initial model experiments aimed at a practical Design for a 500 MeV H‾cyclotron magnet. The first problem is to obtain adequate vertical focusing all the way out to extraction radius, while keeping the size of the magnet to a minimum. This is because the magnetic field has to be kept low to limit the electric H‾ dissociation which already dictates a very large magnet. Various coil configurations were tested and their efforts on the Azimuthal variation, spiral angle and average field are described. A comparison of cost estimates for their full scale realisation is presented. The report concludes with the design of new magnet parameters based on the best choice: a design with circular coils, larger, but basically the same as the one originally proposed.

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