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Electric dissociation of H⁻ ions by magnetic fields Stinson, G. M.; Olsen, William Charles; McDonald, W. J.; Axen, David Arnold; Blackmore, Ewart William


Electric v(vector) x B(vector) dissociation of H⁻ ions moving through a magnetic field has been measured for electric field strengths near 2 MV/cm. The H⁻ ions were obtained by charge exchange of protons in water vapour and were accelerated to 49.5 MeV by the proton linear accelerator at the Rutherford High Energy Laboratory. Stripped particles were detected using an acoustic spark-chamber. Experimental lifetimes are lower by approximately a factor of two from those predicted by Mullen ¹) and a factor of three from those predicted by Hiskes ²). Our measurements also appear inconsistent with those of Cahill et al. ³).

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