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Forgotten spaces : An Epoch of Loss Sheng, Veronica


Quesnel Forks is a gold-mining ghost town, valued for its place in the Cariboo gold rush and signified the erased history of early immigrant presence and the contribution of Chinese Canadians. In a time of mass extinction, this project embraces a position that seeks to find potential for the revitalization of this forgotten space, inspires renewed attention to local stories, stimulates interest, and reconstructs lost memory. The end goal is to develop a relevant strategy that makes Quesnel Forks accessible and attractive by inviting entry, creating spaces, and providing an engaging experience. The design delves into unseen layers and forgotten relationships that distinguish Quesnel Forks from other spaces by redesigning four objects, gates, fences, benches, and signs, added to the space to support the marketing and promotion of the Gold Rush Circle Tour tourism experience in Quesnel Forks.

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