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A CCM bridgeless single-stage soft-switching AC-DC converter for EV charging Application Amiri, Peyman; Eberle, Wilson; Gautam, Deepak; Botting, Chris


In order to extend the range of electric vehicles (EVs), modern EVs employ large batteries which require lightweight and highly efficient on-board chargers (OBCs). Traditional two-stage chargers suffer from hard switching at the AC-DC stage and in turn low efficiency. In this paper, a bridgeless single-stage AC-DC converter with universal input and wide output voltage range is proposed for EV charging application. The proposed topology operates in continuous conduction mode (CCM) and achieves soft switching at the same time. With no diode bridge at the input, an efficiency gain up to 1.46% can be achieved. The control strategy suitable for bridgeless operation of the converter is illustrated in this paper. Proper operation of the converter and the effectiveness of the control are verified through PSIM simulation for a universal input 360V1.8kW OBC.

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