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Energy Landscapes : Small-Scale Solutions for Comprehensive Communities Whiticar, Michelle


With the escalating climate crisis, we are in desperate need of new technologies and solutions that will bring down greenhouse gas emissions in all aspects of our everyday lives. The energy sector is responsible for over 27% of the greenhouse gas emissions released annually and we are needing more energy than ever before to power our urban lives. We need to find solutions to keep up with demand when deploying renewable energy technologies, like solar panels on buildings, won’t be enough. We need these renewable technologies everywhere and powering everything. In most cities, over 30% of land is city owned public space. This accounts for a lot of area that is currently under utilized for roads, sidewalks, parks, and auxiliary public spaces. How can small scale renewable energy solutions and technologies be integrated into our urban landscapes while reducing habitat and ecological impacts, increasing efficiencies and equitability in energy use, and above else enhancing a community’s public realm and shared spaces? By analyzing current methods of energy production, evaluating the latest and best clean energy technologies, and thoughtfully selecting pilot sites and locations to deploy these new technologies, a comprehensive community can then be developed that mindfully and seamlessly integrates these energy solutions. This project aims to be a useful handbook for designing and discussing how small-scale technologies and innovations can be implemented into all scales of our everyday lives, from regions, to cities, to streets, to our very own yards, parks and streets.

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