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Aquaterratmospheric Urbanism : Illustrating a Resilient Urban Ecology Bourget Morales, Guillermo


Present-day industrialization processes influencing environmentally questionable methods of urban production, could be considered agents of ecological debasement at scales beyond the constituent spatial context of its built products. This project considers that although ongoing urban infrastructural expansion is required to rapidly supply for the increased demand for access to modern urban living conditions, the streamlined global processes deployed for its construction and maintenance, hold the potential to contribute to the disruption of coastal ecosystems that serve to maintain anthropocentric urban activity. This project develops through the investigation of industrial urbanization's impacts on coastal urban ecologies. It analyzes the northeastern territory of the Yucatan Peninsula in the southeast of Mexico, a territory that has faced continual environmental challenges that have contributed to the ecosystem's decreased capacity to sustain the cultural activity that urban development created. Through a chronological sequence, this thesis explores ecologically-restorative technology's integration into socially equitable and environmentally just frameworks for urban production. The design project intends to communicate a methodology to catalyze the future ecologically resilient urban archetypes of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, and potentially, the world.

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