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The undertaking for Becharaji : a project from them and their's Patel, Prapti Arvind


This thesis investigates the predicament of the Hijra community of Bahucharaji town in India. Hijra is a term used to imply the transgender community belonging to the Hindu religion and also is specific to the transgender community of Bahucharaji The thesis identifies the discrimination the community faces and strives for their betterment through architectural solutions. Designing a space where the community can strive to be independent by nurturing their skills and also flourish in an environment where they can express themselves freely. The thesis persists to create an ideal setting for their all-around growth and a culture of self-belief which enhances their lifestyle in the region. It seeks to create a larger impact in the community across the state and country too which could perhaps bring an end to their poor economic state. Reactivating the epicenter, the proposed project will act as a seed project by the dint of which empowerment will spread through sensible architectural intervention. Thereby this project is an attempt for change that pulls the strings of equality formulating a cohesive humanistic fabric.

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