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BAZAAR : The Odyssey of the North Samiezadeh, Homa


Since mid-20th century, the idea of having a holiday home outside of city has become increasingly popular among urban dwellers. The desire to escape the pollution, crowd, and stress of urban life, along with low prices of rural lands, increased urban income, higher levels of mobility, and the nostalgia for countryside are the main reasons behind the ownership of such properties. The development of this type of housing has many immediate advantages and disadvantages for the local community, which will be discussed in this paper in depth. However, the main intention is to find an unprecedented typology in these areas in order to establish a stable relationship between the locals and newcomers. To do so, I will concentrate on a holiday area in northern Iran and after analysis of the local climate, economy, culture, and architecture, I would address the issue of rapid development in this area across three different scales of inquiry and design: consideration of code of practice that acknowledges the pressures of new settlement while ensuring the legacy of historical practice, consideration of unprecedented building types that may arise, and consideration of how the new settlement and its unprecedented communal structures find their resolution in material culture.

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