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In Other Words : Defining, Creating, and Experiencing Space through Language Hunks, Kathryn


Words are my drug of choice. They always have been, and they always will be. I could never imagine a world without them, and I really wouldn’t want to. Long story short, I know how much they mean to me. So, what do they mean to you? This thesis aims to investigate the imaginative potentials that exist through the written word, considering text as an operative device to structure individualized perceptions of meaning. In producing an emotive and cognitive experience rooted in the written word, language becomes material, capable of embodying both spatial and experiential complexities. In this sense, words on a page, thoughts in the mind, and experiences in space no longer exist as discrete entities; instead, they are interwoven and situated as critical design instruments linked through the written word. In doing so, the project creates a multi-layered narrative at the intersection between fact and fiction. I hope you enjoy your time here, and perhaps more importantly, that you read with an open mind.

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