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The Forever Home : Redefining Aging-In-Place Deacon, Laura


How do we house our aging population? This question – often overlooked, is one that requires an immediate solution. The population of individuals over 65 in Canada is projected to double by 2030, reaching 22% of the overall population. With this in mind, it is essential that adequate architectural solutions are able to meet the dynamic needs of this aging demographic. The existing housing stock consist of reactive solutions, whereby individuals sequentially progress from one typology to another in accordance with their needs. This causes strain, confusion, and requires extensive support as individuals orient and adapt to a new environment. This thesis explores a proactive and holistic architectural approach that allows for individuals to age-in-place in a vibrant community that can meet their needs at all stages of life. Reverse community integration is achieved using a public grocery store, restaurant, pub, and shops dispersed throughout the building. Residences are dichotomized into blocks consisting of eight units that can be partitioned in various ways. This facilitates architectural flexibility while simultaneously building resilience for future generations.

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