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Modified Landscapes : Reconciliation + Recreation Poirier, Genevieve


What does it mean to move past land acknowledgments towards meaningful reconciliation? Many recreation networks in BC are built within the remnants of colonial practices of land modification, somewhere that was clear cut. These old cut blocks leave behind access roads where seemingly a-political and somewhat exclusive recreational activities take place, perpetuating a rhetoric of ignorance towards the traditional and ancestral lands of indigenous peoples. Situated within a network of trails in Squamish BC, this project navigates the meaning of reconciliation within the realm of recreation and forest management. With different approaches at varying scales, this work visualizes how to move towards meaningful action through processes, signifiers and suggestions. Focusing on the entrance of the trail network, these interventions bring attention to juxtapositions of land modifications. It should also be acknowledged that none of this work could be done without proper consultation of the local Nation and follow through from the community.

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