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Paradise East : Find surfing’s lost soul in a paradise of pure invention Kim, Natalie


When you imagine paradise, what do you see? A palm tree? An island? A beach? Do you see bright blues? Surfers riding the horizon? Do you feel humidity and heat? Hear sounds of birds, breezes, and the crashing of waves? As a Western audience, our sense of paradise is largely shared. We could all point to a few places on a map, but paradise is inherently placeless, caught somewhere between the cognitive and the real. Aloha from Paradise East. Like the paradise in your head, Paradise East boasts warm water, healthy palm trees, surfing, and relaxation. Unlike the paradise in your head, Paradise East is free from the colonial ties and misogyny that sadly poisons our oceans every day. It is a counter landscape, challenging placelessness with place, the future with nostalgia, and nature with artifice. Find surfing’s lost soul in a Paradise of pure invention.

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