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Pushing the Envelope : Rituals of Extremes in Architecture's In-Betweens Shigemitsu, Jeremy Tomonari


This project challenges the understanding of architecture as shelter, division, and environmental separator between human and non-human realms. As architectural practice responds to the ecological crisis with codes, standards, and technologies that perpetuate an incompatible culture of comfort, the project explores how architecture might foster a new paradigm of thermal culture. The project theorizes architecture as a gradient of thermodynamic tectonics that dissolves into the environment. The gradient creates several spaces between in and out, hot and cold, human and non-human. It is in these in-betweens that we might find a life not only comfortable and energy-efficient, but thermally delightful, inextricably social, and ultimately ecological. These are the rituals of extremes in architecture’s in-betweens.

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