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Explorations of the Saline Underground Martin, Bryn


With the advent of more frequent and severe heat events, our climate is being thrust towards thermal austerity. This project asks the simple question: what do we lose? The body answers: salt and water. This project begins with the memory of a mysterious grouping of sidewalk prisms in Chinatown located on the corner of Carrall and Pender street. Afoot the proclaimed ‘World’s Skinniest Building’ these small glass blocks hinted at a subterranean space below. It’s previous use as a community bathhouse was abandoned after sanitation conditions rose to a level of adequacy. This project imagines the Saline Underground as a haptically designed pubic park, a salt production facility, and a series of salt-water pools that seek to bring the body back to a level of homeostasis and even delight against an increasingly harsh thermal future.

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