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Borrowed City : A Decentralized Network of Scalable and Modular Micro-Amenity Stations Liu, Kaiyu


Cities can become more livable, inclusionary, and participatory is using tactical urbanism, which are extra small, agile, low-cost interventions of architecture in the borrowed public space that allows for its immediate reclamation, redesign, and reprogramming. They can be replicated, implemented, scaled up, and impact the built environment from the cracks and crevasses of the city. With the influx of wealth and land scarcity, lower-income neighborhoods are faced with rapid gentrification. Basic amenities that were once accessible as people own/rent housing, or used them as a paid local service, become increasingly scarce as a gradient of marginalized and under-homed community members are displaced. The Borrowed Now Project proposes a de-centralized network of easily constructable, scalable and modular micro-amenity stations set within borrowed urban spaces. The stations themselves can expand and contract, while also expand to community scale by tessellating with other stations. This allows for temporal and spatial flexibility in underutilized urban spaces and those which sit vacant anticipating development.

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