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Barriers and Supports for Outdoor Adventure Education in Rural British Columbia Jones, Brooke


The purpose of this research study was to identify the barriers and supports that outdoor adventure education (OAE) teachers face when facilitating programming in rural British Columbia (B.C.). This was to help better inform all levels of school districts so that OAE programs in rural B.C. can be (further) developed, recognized and, in addition, to improve my awareness on how I can facilitate OAE more effectively. The study utilized thematic analysis when interpreting data that emerged from open-ended interviews with five teachers who facilitated OAE in rural, B.C. communities. The findings identified multiple barriers, including transportation, access to guides, risk of school closure, filling the position, student socioeconomic status and professional/personal life balance. Supports identified included location, timetabling, administrative position, connection to community and connection with students.

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