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Two Teachers, One Classroom : The Challenges and Rewards of Team-Teaching Davis, Samantha R.


The focus of this paper is to systematically and critically reflect on the implementation of team-teaching in my elementary school classroom over the past two years. The purpose being, to better understand the effectiveness of my team’s approach to team-teaching. From a careful reading of relevant literature, I develop a foundational understanding of team-teaching by examining a variety of operational definitions. In doing so, I highlight the synonymous and interchangeable nature of the terms “team-teaching”, “co-teaching”, “cooperative and collaborative teaching”, and “joint work”. Secondly, I unpack what the scholars share are the benefits and limitations of team-teaching, and the essential elements required for creating effective team-teaching arrangements. Taking what I learned from the literature, I critically reflect on my experiences as a team-teacher. By sharing my perspective on my team’s strengths and challenges, I outline what I have come to believe are the essential elements to forming an effective team-teaching classroom. I am hoping my experience can help others who are implementing team-teaching into their practice. Despite some challenges, the literature affirms that team-teaching is an enriching, valuable and effective way for two or more teachers to instruct a group of students.

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