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(Re)presenting Sites : Unfolding Realities Peruniak, Kathryn


The purpose of this thesis is to examine and critique the current limitations of architectural drawing and cartographic conventions, and to explore different means of drawing that prioritize the expression and synthesis of place, time, and realities. This will be done through an investigation into the characteristics, purposes and powers of mapping and drawing in order to better understand exactly what is missing from these representations, and why. Focusing on time as a crucial element that is absent from representation, connections will be strengthened between temporality and space, and temporality and representation. This foundation of how representation, time and space are interconnected is strengthened and materialized by exploring ways for dynamic site aspects and systems to be expressed in maps and drawings instead of stasis and permanence. This will be explored through found drawings, precedent mapping projects, and existing notation systems. The second part of this thesis involves developing a different way of representing a site, aimed towards better demonstrating time, site aspects, and identities. A Vancouver site will serve as a case study for this exploration, displaying ways to synthesize site histories. This project is intended to act as a catalyst for investigating how different ways of approaching, understanding and representing a site could benefit and influence the path of design.

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